Core Leaders.


Jamie Redfern

Jamie Redfern, Minister

Ministry Team Leader

Jamie likes - reading theology & drinking good coffee, pancakes on Saturday mornings, surfing adventures, welly boot walks & being interwoven in the community



Kath Wilson, Minister

Youth and Children

Kath likes - spending time with family, playing netball, watching Wales play rugby, listening to music, watching non scary films, food with friends, eating chocolate and being generously committed


Glenda Chadwick-Down, Minister

Youth and Children

Glenda likes – being by the sea, especially with her husband & playful Springer Spaniel, laughing with friends, good films, books, music, sports, food, and investing in genuine relationships


Jenny Colgan


Jenny likes - being with her family, walking along the seafront and spending time on the back beach, beautiful sunsets, relaxing with a good book and the challenge of listening to bible teaching that is life changing

Peter Ingall

Peter Ingall


Pete likes - spending time with his grandchildren, meeting new people whilst on walks with his dog, playing golf and being involved in youth and children's work